Space Lost

Many people are not aware of the size difference between McCormick and the proposed new middle school.  The proposed new school to replace McCormick Middle School is 37% smaller than the present building.  It is actually 15% smaller than Wellington High School.  In fact, the new building would be built with a capacity less than McCormick's enrollment has ever been in the past 16 school years, giving us what could potentially be an undersized building that won't be able to meet our needs.

McCormick Middle School = 100,714 square feet
Wellington High School = 73,708 square feet
Proposed Middle School = 62,967 square feet

Let me put this into a graphical representation.  Click the image below to view larger.

The square footage of the proposed middle school is determined by the Ohio School Facilities Commission's formula based on the number of students projected to be enrolled at the time of project completion. 

While McCormick's enrollment is currently projected to go down, that is nothing more than a guess.  And since taxpayers would be paying for a new building for 36 years, one would hope that a new school would satisfy the needs of the district throughout that payback period.  If it doesn't, then taxpayers could be footing the bill for an addition or another new school to accommodate any growth that current projections miss.

Let's look at enrollment at McCormick over the past 16 school years.  This data is taken from the Ohio Department of Education.

  • 1995-1996:  587 students
  • 1996-1997:  608 students
  • 1997-1998:  581 students
  • 1998-1999:  585 students
  • 1999-2000:  583 students
  • 2000-2001:  614 students
  • 2001-2002:  615 students
  • 2002-2003:  629 students
  • 2003-2004:  651 students
  • 2004-2005:  628 students
  • 2005-2006:  634 students
  • 2006-2007:  630 students
  • 2007-2008:  627 students
  • 2008-2009:  614 students
  • 2009-2010:  611 students
  • 2010-2011:  541 students
  • 2011-2012:  540 students
  • New School Capacity:  447 students

Over the past 17 school years, McCormick Middle School has averaged 605 students.  The proposed middle school would actually be built for 158 fewer students than this average.  In fact, McCormick would need to shed another 93 students from last year to the opening of this new building in order to remain at or below the capacity of the new facility.





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