Asbestos: It's Not Just for McCormick

One of the biggest problems noted with McCormick is the asbestos that it contains.  It is true that there is asbestos in McCormick Middle School.  I am currently awaiting information from the district as to the locations of all known asbestos within the building.

However, it is not just McCormick that contains asbestos.  It is also found in both Westwood Elementary and Wellington High School.

Both of these newer buildings also contain a significant amount of asbestos.  In fact, the floor tiles throughout the entire high school and in the classrooms at Westwood were all made with asbestos fibers.

While I am still awaiting a vital report from the school district to know for certain, it has been noted by many that the exposed insulation covering heat pipes in McCormick appears to be basic fiberglass insulation just like what most of us have in our homes.


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